you are not alone

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when you need somebody to talk with,

i’ll be always here,

just as when you need someone to hold you back,

i’ll carry you with care,

when you see confusions on the road,

i’ll show you the way,

when you feel down and blue,

i’ll do brighten your day,

when you get lost in the dark,

i’ll be your light,

when you met your restlessness,

i’ll be your night,

when you met puzzles in your life,

i’ll help to play,

when you need someone to love you the most,

i am here to stay..


“Untitled Poem Of An Unknown Poor”

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hunger breaks my mind and heart..

not hunger for food, but hunger for the truth!!

for the tyrants of this land makes the nation part,

making hours of life an empty fruit!!

i’ve seen and heard all the battlecries!

all the minds that took the choice and casted the dice..

the tyrants!!-make their honour fall and deprive!!

make this land not blind of those serpent’s lies..

that royal castle! bombed it with heavens’ flames!

throw them all the bloodiest blames..

make our land free from this slavery..

God forbid all these nightmares!!

Puppet Life Blind 2:A truth from The Philippines

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Thanks God, I’ve seen the light..
the reasons to care for my life,
I came stronger over my lonely nights,
all came so much perfect and timely right…

Ten years passed and I’m on a blue-collar,
earning big dollars in a single month,
I don’t foresee a grave-like end..
never will i let myself end with such end..

A day passed but the scene is still the same..
the mob outside is counting yet they’re voice ain’t heard,
“this is business”,bosses will say… then blinded by checkbooks…

Those deserving of commendations and awards,
why are they there holding placards?
had only this bosses know what the root of this one is..
but impossible when the conscience is gone…

Suddenly a “bang” from nowhere broke the silence,
everybody ran for their lives,
the a dead body appeared on the ground,
the mob’s leader was shot to death…

Police came and arrested a poor woman,
damn! obviously it’s the bosses that killed him..
the mob that only wanted a small increase in their minimum wage,
why end like a kinda’ pig?

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though i know that what i feel for her is true love

i don’t think this is the ideal one..

the more i get myself used in loving her,

the more likely will i turn up as her stalker…


the world is like dancing to a summer song,

i’m dreaming i can feel her as if with a stethoscope..

future visions of forever where she and i both belong

always pass through my mind along with the smallest hope.


tried once to get her number to make a call,

but she threw me back casually asking “what for?”

wishing that when her pc’s on, i could say it all

only i’m afraid to do one thing: sing a pore.


whenever she’s not online, i think my time is wasted.

felt taken aback from the sweetest bout.

then chances fell as if the light dims so busted…

everytime she’s telling me..”I’M SIGNING OUT..”

The Other Him

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his silent call

timely do i know

before i get myself

taken by the cruel flow.

i reached for his hands

he lifted me above

my spirit came to outdo life

for a reason: loss of love.

he tapped my shoulder

and gave me a friendly handshake,

then showed me this great wonder

only he can make.

i saw the man who killed me

February 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

i saw the man who gave end to my life..
he’s so lonely at the time i died..
feel obsessed that he did not mind,
just turn crying by my side..

felt overused to problems, he uttered no words to speak..
with his face turning dimmed, he’s really depressed
of unrest in his life that he did not find
time to touch the approaching light..

i then wondered if he’s not that bad
i knew his reason of killing me was just a stroke of his heart,
but it was always a question that why he should
end my life just because of his drowning mood?

i can’t believe he can kill me with his own hands,
twice the puzzle of showing his regrets after what he had done..
that lonely man..i could clearly see..
the man who made me rest forever….his name is ME..


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